The Community Futures Network was established in 1985 by the Federal Government in response to the severe economic and labour market changes faced by rural Canadian communities. Each Community Futures office delivers a variety of services ranging from strategic economic planning, technical and advisory services to businesses, loans to small and medium- sized businesses, self-employment assistance programs, and services targeted to youth and entrepreneurs with disabilities. The Community Futures Network in British Columbia is comprised of 34 locally and strategically positioned organizations who share a common vision to create diverse, sustainable communities by supporting local, community based economic development. Since its creation, the network has had significant impact on the socio-economic development and diversification of the rural communities it serves.

Core Values

We will conduct ourselves with integrity and be responsive and responsible to our communities and our Network. We will adhere to our Core-Values and high professional standards.

Honesty – We will be genuine, fair, truthful and sincere in all our dealings. Respect – We will show consideration and deference for the contribution of others.

Trust – We will behave responsibly and honorably, we will allow ourselves to be open, approachable and create an atmosphere that encourages candor.

Openness – We will share information in a timely fashion respecting the need for prudence and confidentiality.

Results – We will create positive community outcomes through innovation, entrepreneurial leadership, excellent client care and strong partnerships.

Quality Standards

Governance – Community Futures operate using a governance model based on written policies/procedures that encompass our operational needs. These policies are regularly reviewed and renewed.

Professionalism – Community Futures volunteers and staff adopt the core values, strive for excellence and seek out opportunities for continuous improvement.

Communications – Community Futures communicate both internally and externally reflecting our core values in a timely, responsive and effective manner.

Accountability – Community Futures are accountable to our communities, funders and each other to meet or exceed expectations, while reflecting our core values.

Trust will be enhanced between communities, each other and our funders through supporting our core values, quality governance, professionalism, communications and accountability.

About Community Futures

For over 30 years, Community Futures has been fostering entrepreneurship in rural BC.  Find out more…

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