Governance of Community Futures Nicola Valley

The Board of Directors of the CF Nicola Valley is comprised of volunteers representing key sectors of the community including business, government, First Nations, retirees and amenity migrants. Monthly meetings are held the 4th Wednesday of each month.  Capacity Building and Strategic Planning sessions are conducted annually.

CF Nicola Valley is involved in many community CED projects with specific emphasis on the Walk of Stars Society, the Rural Summit Committee, the Chamber of Commerce. The organization continues to support event driven activities and at any time over 100 volunteers may be working in the system.

Mission Statement

To enhance and stimulate strong community based economic growth in the Nicola Valley by providing business and training services and participating in Community Economic Development initiatives.

Vision Statement

Community Futures Nicola Valley is a recognized leader and partner in providing community based solutions to enhance the economic and social wellbeing of the region.

Core Values

We conduct ourselves with integrity and be responsive and responsible to our communities and our Network. We will adhere to our Core Values and high professional standards.

  • Honesty We will be genuine, fair, truthful and sincere in all our dealings.
  • Respect We will show consideration and deference for the contribution of others.
  • Trust We will behave responsibily and honourably, we will allow ourselves to be open, approachable and create an atmosphere  that encourages candour.
  • Openness We will share information in a timely fashion through innovation, entrepreneurial leadership, excellent client care and strong partnerships.

Results We will create positive community outcomes through innovation, entrepreneurial leadership, excellent client care and strong partnerships.

About Community Futures

For over 30 years, Community Futures has been fostering entrepreneurship in rural BC.  Find out more…

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