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You may not know this but Canada has fourteen trade agreements that may mean you can jump straight to international markets with low or even no import duties!
Businesses who establish an awareness of their options as far as free trade agreements are often more competitive. If you're curious to learn more, you're in luck! Small Business BC has arranged this entirely free webinar that aims to discuss everything from Rules of Origin, how to determine if your product is eligible under any of these agreements and even some information detailing the new CUSMA trade deal between Canada, the United States, and Mexico!
If you want to join us for "Grow Your Sales With Free Trade Agreements" click the link below to register!

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Sometimes things break! But your balance sheet really shouldn't. Unfortunately, when it comes to tracking your small business' financial activity, it can be easy to make mistakes and start tangling things up; a problem that leaves a lot of us intimidated and anxious about working with balance sheets at all.
Small Business BC is here with a solution - join a world class presenter and accountant as she helps break down the common mistakes and misconceptions about balance sheets, gives practical advice on how to untangle your own, and gives you the tools you need for a healthier balance sheet overall!
If you want to learn more or register to attend, please follow the link below:

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If you're feeling cautiously optimistic about the next year from a business standpoint, you may be surprised to hear you're not alone - a recent Women's Enterprise Centre survey found that 91% of respondents felt positively about the year ahead.
With all this talk of looking ahead and making big plans, it's only natural to see the need for accessing or increasing your capital funding; but with so many options, how can you know which ones will suit not just your present needs, but your future ones as well?
Join us for "Connecting to Capital: Meet Your Funding Match" this Wednesday for 90 minutes of free education, conversation, and the opportunity to get into "matchmaking" rooms with specific funders and business advisors, right after the panel!
It's all free - to learn more and sign up, check out the link below:

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As a British Columbian artisan, your craft may be of appeal to people outside the province or even outside the country - but how can you access these more distant markets?
Small Business BC is providing this upcoming free webinar to answer that question and more - during "Exporting For Artisans" you'll get expert insights and all the information you might need to make educated decisions when it comes to exporting and bringing your product to new audiences.
To learn more about "Exporting For Artisans" or sign up to attend, check out the link below:

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