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Expanding Communities Now


We are honoured to host the 2018 Provincial Conference in Merritt!

The theme for this year’s conference is Expanding Communities Now!

Conventional wisdom states that the rural economy is in decline due to changes in the modern economy. As an example: traditional rural industries are shrinking, mainstay activities like farming need fewer people as they become more efficient, there is often poor broadband and mobile connectivity and limited transport services that further exaggerate the distance between rural communities and their potential markets.

How can our rural communities use connectivity and technology to flourish and produce maximum impact but at the same time protect their natural resources? How can we be innovative entrepreneurs without launching a car into space? Innovation just means making changes in our methods, ideas or products to stay ahead of the curve.

The theme for our conference is “Expanding Communities Now”. We will discuss how to best utilize Technology and Innovation while we work in collaboration with our youth and indigenous people to grow our rural communities.

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Directions to Merritt Civic Centre