Fred & Pauline Warren

Here is an example how Community Futures Nicola Valley has helped another entrepreneur achieve their business venture.

While looking for a business opportunity, Fred and Pauline Warren noticed that the bottle depot in Merritt was for sale. Fred and Pauline were in discussions with the owners of George Hale Transfer Ltd., a similar business here in Merritt to the one they operate in Houston, to purchase the business and move to the Nicola Valley. Not prepared for a purchase or move at the time made it difficult to get financing to purchase the local business.

As stated by Pauline Warren “Someone suggested we speak with Community Futures, so we did. Then the roller coaster ride began! Not only did they say they would help us, but they very co-operatively worked with a financial institution to share the loan. They also expedited the process for us because they knew we needed to get to Merritt ASAP. Community Futures helped me to do all the things that I had never done before and thus did not know how to do – such as business plan, financial forecasting, etc. Their positivity and encouragement helped me to work toward this goal, even when things seemed impossible. I can honestly say that without Community Futures, we would not be here today. Their patience, kindness and assistance have been invaluable. Thank you Community Futures!”

Community Futures Nicola Valley strongly believes that thanks to Fred and Pauline’s drive and desire to constantly improve and grow their business, they will succeed in building a five star recycling depot in our community.

In conclusion, the diversity of programs and projects undertaken by Community Futures Nicola Valley is in direct response to the diversity of needs in our Community.

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